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My primary focus is to ensure you have access to all the tools, strategies and resources you need when you need them. We address the emotional/mental, biochemical, structural/physical and spiritual parts of any symptoms your body is expressing. The end-result, is that you are always 100% in control of the pace at which you become a healthy, self-sustaining, wholly-developed human being.

When you choose to live a Wellness Lifestyle, you naturally open up and accelerate your rate of progress and level of freedom, in reaching your full potential and life purpose.

In my daily life, I attract, train and empower people to transform their body and their lives. I love watching people change for the better!

Together, we’ll focus on
Key areas of transformation:

  • The LifeLine Technique
  • Nikken Japanese Wellness Technology

The LifeLine Technique: The cornerstone philosophy of The LifeLine Technique is that symptoms, stress, and disease are the ways in which our bodies and lives speak to us, to awaken us to our authentic power, allowing us to   transform and create deep and lasting change. You don’t choose to feel physical pain or emotional stress, but you do experience them. Why not find out where they are coming from? Grab A Lifeline!

Nikken Wellness Technology: The essence of a balanced approach to living is embodied in the The 5 Pillars of Health. For over 40 years Nikken products have integrated easily into the ways you already live.

“Together, we’ll do things generations before couldn’t dream of.”