Bob Beliveau CLP, LC

Bob Beliveau in Sedona, AZ

Bob Beliveau is a Certifed Lifeline Practitioner and owner of World Class Wellness, a total wellness company that specializes in educating people on cutting-edge, break-through health solutions. He has written and spoken on health, science and personal development, and has appeared on both talk-radio and TV news shows.

Bob is acutely aware of the life-enhancing impact these transformational energy based wellness technologies provide to all living systems. His passion and vision are to bring these foundational, self-care, preventive and anti-aging health solutions to everyone around the globe.

Bob’s focus is on education, training, recruiting and mentoring of others ready to build their network organizations worldwide. He openly shares his knowledge, life experience and best use practices, with those eager to learn.

If you are looking to release, remove and clear, subconscious limiting beliefs and trapped emotions from your mind and body – and then activate your hearts desire towards a life of conscious intention –  Bob provides both in person and long-distance Lifeline Sessions.

“Together, we’ll do things generations before couldn’t dream of.”