Bob Beliveau – Visionary Entrepreneur, HHP, CLP

Bob Beliveau in Sedona, AZ

Bob Beliveau is a life-long seeker of health, happiness and success.

By the age of 10 he had rounded up the local neighborhood newspaper route and began his early training as an eclectic  entrepreneur. He was so fortunate that BOTH his grandfathers had shed their light on him from his beginning, yet he was not so much aware of how important this was at the time. He was a kid after all, exploring and excited every day!

After college he pursued his natural instincts as a problem solver, often during times of crisis. After working for over a decade+ in high-tech industries, mainly as a software engineer, educator/trainer and marketing consultant, while traveling extensively in the US, Canada and Europe, he returned to his roots again as an entrepreneur.

Today, as a Holistic Health Practitioner and Certified Lifeline Practitioner, Bob has propelled his problem solving instincts and created a total wellness company that specializes in educating people on cutting-edge, break-through cellular health solutions that have been scientifically proven and validated around the globe. He has written and spoken on health, science and personal development, and has appeared on both talk-radio and TV news shows.

Bob is acutely aware of the life-enhancing impact so many transformational health and wellness technologies, systems and modalities provide, to our planet’s living systems. His passion and vision are to bring these foundational, preventive, self-care offerings into the lives of everyday people around the globe. At the beach, by a campfire, on a long bike ride or a live-streaming webinar, Bob will engage and enthrall his audience on topics of health, anti-aging, fitness, human performance and never-ending life-long learning of your choice.

Bob’s primary focus right now is on educating, recruiting, training and mentoring of other emerging thought-leaders and healers, actively sharing their message and building their networks and organizations worldwide. He openly shares his knowledge, life experience and best use practices with those eager to learn and grow.

As you engage in your own learning and growing into the greatest version of yourself, and are looking to release, remove and clear, subconscious limiting beliefs and trapped emotions from your mind and body – and then activate your hearts desire towards a life of conscious intention –  Bob provides both in person and long-distance Consult Sessions.

“Together, we’ll do things generations before couldn’t dream of.”