LifeLine Technique™ Session

Unleash Your Natural Ability to Heal

Ultimately, with The LifeLine Technique, YOU are the healer, YOU are the ‘Transformer’. It is your mindbody that performs the process of regeneration. You work with a Certified LifeLine Practitioner, who is your guide and facilitator in the journey to reconnect with your subconscious suppressed emotions. It is your mindbody that unlocks your power to heal.

The session entails the use of muscle reflex testing (MRT) combined with The LifeLine Technique Flow Chart and the power of Infinite Love & Gratitude.

Transformation happens in 3 stages:

  1. Detoxification of the Mindbody:
    Upgrade your body and drain toxic levels of emotion that have been stored in the tissues, as you  continually adapt to changes in your environment.
  2. Regeneration of the Mindbody:
    Create new neural networks, produce healthy cells, and develop new protein receptors, that support a greater awareness of your true nature, your visions and intentions for your life. Support life-affirming processes.
  3. Thriving of the Mindbody:
    Awaken and activate your vision, your sense of purpose, by taking care of your body temple, and continually resourcing-returning to source.

Receiving A Lifeline Session
Receiving A Lifeline Session

The LifeLine Technique™ is a powerful fusion of science, mind, body, and spirit. It is a blueprint – a roadmap thru the sub-conscious mind – that teaches you to connect to your Source and Thrive again.

During a Lifeline Technique session, the person discovers how they have subconsciously disconnected from their emotions. They begin to understand the true meaning behind symptoms and stress – the subconscious dis-connection from emotional experiences for survival purposes. By interpreting, harmonizing and releasing the root causes of stress, pain and physical symptoms, our bodies and lives are then free to do what they are designed to do, which is to be a self-healing organism.

The session is facilitated while you are fully-clothed, either sitting or standing, depending on your comfort. You can expect to have a powerful internal experience, without necessarily sharing specifics or details with the practitioner. Bob will assist you in the process of connecting emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically to bridge the gap on all levels between where you are and where you want to be.

During the treatment, all pain, fear, and stress are both interpreted and released from wherever the symptoms are energetically being held in the body in a completely safe and non-invasive way. The person leaves the treatment without symptoms or there has been a decrease in the intensity of the symptom.

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Bob offers in-person sessions as well as convenient phone and Skype sessions. He is available for afternoon, evening and weekend hours when needed. Send him a confidential message along with the best way for him to reach you using the contact page. Discount session paks are available starting at three (3) or more prepaid sessions. Visit the Lifeline Technique page for free downloads from Dr Weissman’s books and how to order them as well.

If you would like to schedule a 20 minute intro session with Bob now, click here.

“Having personally experienced Dr. Darren Weissman’s LifeLine Technique™, I can attest that his system will enable you to harness the power of Infinite Love & Gratitude to create lasting and positive change. His new book, “Awakening To The Secret Code Of Your Mind” is a step-by-step guide to total life transformation—empowering you to heal yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually—for the rest of your life.” – Bob Beliveau, CLP