Hand Mudra, Water Crystals & Dr. Emoto

The American sign language hand mudra for “I Love You” along with the heart intention and statement of “Infinite Love & Gratitude” is used as a universal healing frequency during a Lifeline session.

A Japanese doctor of alternative medicine and visionary researcher, Dr. Masaru Emoto, experimented with water and found that human vibrational energy – thoughts, words, ideas, and music – dramatically affects the molecular structure of water.

Water is the very source of all life on this planet and it’s quality and integrity is vital to all forms of life. Our bodies are made up of 75 – 90% water. So just imagine how sensitive our bodies are to our emotions, our thoughtsInfinite Love & Gratitide, the music we listen to, and the food that we eat.

See here for yourself how powerful our human vibrational energy is and view some of Dr. Emoto’s pictures of frozen water crystals under a dark field microscope.