Beliefs, Perceptions, Memes

Lose What Needs To Be Lost,
To Find What Needs To Be Found.”

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Our Environment Influences Genetic Code

Bruce Lipton on Healing Perceptions & Epigenetics

Do our genes control our health? Epigenetics research challenges the conventional beliefs about genes and reveals the role of emotions on our bodies and health. In this video, author and cellular biologist, Bruce Lipton, PhD. explores the importance of perception in maintaining optimal health.

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“Beliefs are energy fields,
that shape our genetic expression.”

Epigenetics – So How Does it Work?
The new science has EVERYTHING to do with your beliefs. Dr. Bruce Lipton explains how your thoughts, and the thoughts of those around you, directly influence the state of your health.

Dr. Quantum visits Flatland
Down The Rabbit Hole is about a photographer who is suddenly transported into a metaphysical world of quantum mechanics, odd science and mind-bending phenomena.

Guided by the world’s top physicists, engineers, biologists and mystics, she tumbles down the rabbit hole and gets a first-hand look at the fascinating links between science and spirituality in our everyday lives.

“Isn’t it funny?…
That which we are most afraid of, is what thrills us the most!”

— Dr. Quantum