LifeLine Technique™ Testimonials

Here are actual accounts of people who chose to experience The LifeLine Technique™.These are original & voluntary submissions received from clients. Please click here for more testimonies.

“My first experience with the Lifeline Technique was with Bob Beliveau. I was unfamiliar with this technique and have to say I was extremely impressed. Within a one week period my whole thinking process was different and I experienced a feeling of FREEDOM. I have continued to improve in spite of a very emotionally challenging year of nursing a long-time friend. Bob came on the scene and gave my friend Brian three sessions of Lifeline and this helped Brian enormously. It became very apparent that these sessions helped Brian with the transition into his new world.

I had a second session several months after Brian’s passing and it was another incredible experience – something was released from deep inside me and it has given me a feeling of lightness and the freedom to release my own hidden inhibitions. This technique is very powerful and beautifully natural.

Thank you Bob and whoever else shares this healing method.”

Barbara W. ~ Desert Hot Springs, CA

“In my most recent session, a painfully forgotten incident involved a parent’s inappropriate discipline. I had a most amazing experience of immediately feeling a dizzying ‘high” after allowing Bob to guide me through the steps of accessing my feelings and clearing them out through the LifeLine process. Totally caught me off guard – I recall my vision changing hues and colors for a few minutes. Yea, it was odd to say the least!

I also realized after the Lifeline session, that my self sabotage and never attaining much, and/or quitting was directly linked to seeking a never happening approval from my parents.

Over the next few days, I had several flashbacks of similar situations on all levels I had forgotten about, where now I could literally ‘see’ myself in all of these past situations, but this time ‘seeing’ how unaware I was of what was truly happening. I felt a clear & strange compassion for myself. Totally liberating! I look forward to clearing some more shit real soon and am excited about my new found self esteem!”

Steven B. ~ Haverhill, MA

“As Bob was doing the healing session, I could feel the emotion welling up in me. I had a hard time keeping my tears in check. I knew that something was happening. As time passed after the healing session I experienced a series of different emotions and STUFF just started showing up in my life.

I am a Reiki Master and during my initial Reiki 1 attunement, (10 yrs ago) the amount of emotion that arose from me was so unexpected & completely uncontrollable. I thought that I had dealt with all that I needed to deal with during my subsequent attunements leading up to my Reiki Master Certification.  Little did I know that there was still STUFF to be brought to the surface and dealt with which is what happened when I had my healing session with Bob.

Bob did a healing session with me in my home and one over the phone. Both were very effective. I have seen a profound change in my attitude and my outlook on life. Fear no longer runs my life and anger rarely shows up.

My physical body was greatly affected as well. At some time in my life I fractured my back. I don’t know when this happened, but it healed incorrectly and a few years ago I was suddenly faced with back surgery.  I have 2 rods a wire cage and screws holding my spine in place. The Dr. thinks that I have an old injury to my upper back as well.  I don’t recall that happening either. It could have happened at the same time I fractured my spine.

After the healing session, I started experiencing back pain like I haven’t had since before my surgery. I was experiencing so much pain, and I couldn’t identify anything that I had done differently except the healing session. I truly believe that my cells were remembering the injury and releasing that old pain. It is now September and I am feeling great; physically and emotionally.

I’ve done a lot of work to get to this place, but I never would have done it without the Lifeline Technique. The healing session forced me to look within myself and truly start to love me. I have been forced to let go of the past and embrace the present moment. When I do that, I let go of the pain. When difficult moments show up in my life, I surround the situation with Infinite Love and Gratitude.  Thank you Darren for the Lifeline Technique.

PS: I saw Darren at the “I Can Do It” conference in Tampa a few years ago. I knew immediately that I wanted to learn the Lifeline Technique. I never realized how much I actually needed it in my own life. I haven’t had the opportunity to learn the Lifeline Technique yet, but the desire to help others is even greater since I’ve experienced the healing power of  Infinite Love & Gratitude in my own life.”

Thank you,

Becky W. ~ Washington, NH

“For years I suffered from extreme menstrual cycles. I had taken medications prescribed by medical doctors, and also experienced the negative side effects that comes along with them. I was given all kinds of diagnosis and all kinds of medical treatments and expensive tests for over 20 years.  I also  experienced miscarriages and difficulties getting pregnant.  Over the years, through meditation and research, I came to feel that my physical symptoms were related to childhood traumas, and so  began my trek into counseling and therapy. All of which would help, for a short period of time, but never completely relieve my physical symptoms.

I began to pray for healing in whatever form the universe sent to me. Then I met Bob Beliveau. A “serendipitous” meeting in a bookstore led to my first LifeLine session with Bob. For me, it was extremely powerful!  A one hour session changed my life!  I experienced deep-seated emotions, answered my own questions, and based on that and muscle response testing, he would use different aspects of the 14 modality technique with me. It is completely customized for the individual. Bob’s gentle, open, loving guidance and techniques, helped me heal myself that years of medications diagnosis and therapies didn’t heal. I was healed through the LifeLine Technique. These issues in my life were addressed and relieved IMMEDIATELY AND COMPLETELY! Every month I am grateful and amazed.  My negative symptoms have not returned, including ones I didn’t even notice prior to my LifeLine session. It took being without them to notice that I had even experienced them in the first place.

If you are experiencing dis-ease or dis-comfort in your life, experience a LifeLine session for yourself. I experienced no negative side affects at all; only positive, lasting, and profound healing. I am so grateful.”

Debra D. ~ Amesbury, MA