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S-T-R-E-S-S Relief 1-2-3

Angry BirdsEver wonder how business survived before smart phones? I remember the day when memos came via the USPS! And when I called someone, I’d ask ‘How are you?’ instead of ‘Where are you?’

The better question is not how did we survive without all this technology but how do we survive with it? As 24/7 accessibility and the speed at which information is transmitted increase, so do our stress levels. We feel compelled to multitask and respond to incoming information as quickly as it was received. Emotions go on overdrive because we can’t keep up. Fears, worries and anxieties are amplified, along with frustration, irritation and anger.

As if that weren’t enough, the race to keep up with the pace of information blurs the lines between urgent and important. Things that are important don’t get done or we rush to get them done, only adding to more feelings of overload and overwhelm. S-T-R-E-S-S ! ! !

STRESS RELIEF 1-2-3:  For those times when we don’t have the time to do what most traditional approaches to stress reduction tell us – RELAX – we need quick stress relief, something we can do 24/7 while we multitask and answer all those texts, twits, and e-mails. Something we can do that doesn’t require a trip to the spa, a stroll on the beach or an escape to our ‘quiet room’.

Download this stress reduction app into your core memory now; it’s fast, instant and on demand. When you are feeling the stress press, practice these simple steps:

1. Heart focus. Focus your attention to the area around your heart.
2. Heart breathing. Imagine your breath flowing into and out of the area around your heart.
3. Heart feeling. Recall a positive memory, feeling or a time you felt good and IMAGINE you are now re-experiencing it.

Drinking a glass of water before you do this will not only replenish liquids your body and mind probably need anyway, doing so will make it easier for your thoughts and emotions to flow and release much faster and easier too. Water conducts electricity and e-motions are energy-in-motion. Since I have been drinking PiMag Living water I have noticed much improvement in a variety of ways. It’s what I recommend to all my clients.

If your stress has become chronic in nature, it very likely is also producing unwanted biological (physical) symptoms and/or behavioral (emotional) symptoms in your life and your relationships. For more assistance Grab a Lifeline.

[portions excerpted from Kim Allen]