Nikken Green Matcha Tea: Ten4 Energy Drink

 Everything You Need To Know

Are you or your friends drinking any of these energy drinks below?
(Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar, NOS, AMP, Full Throttle, XYIENCE)





Here is a comparison of how much sugar – which is addictive and creates inflammation throughout the body – is in just one serving of these drinks.


Just one serving contains this much sugar.

So, are you ready to wake up your body and mind the healthy way?

If you’re saying, “Heck yeah, it’s about time.” — then check this out!

Nature’s Own Energy Drink

There’s a new and exciting energy drink now available to you. It’s called Nikken Kenzen Ten4, and it’s made with 100% real ingredients – including what is known as “nature’s own energy drink” – natural organic matcha green tea – and one of the most nutrient-dense superfruits, the New Zealand Kiwi fruit.

Whether it’s 10 am or 4 pm, you’ll experience up to 6 hours of energy, a feeling that supercharges you mentally and physically and converts body fat to energy too!


An amazing energy drink, Nikken Ten4 is the healthy & tasteful  alternative to ALL other energy drinks. It tastes great, is made with organic ingredients, provides up to 6 hours of healthy energy, has only 5 grams of organic cane sugar, burns calories & boosts metabolism, increases mental alertness & clarity, has vitamins B6, B12, and nourishing kiwi rich vitamins & minerals, and ONLY 25 CALORIES — nothing artificial.


Nikken Ten4 Energy Drink

Here are The Big 10 You Need To Know for our new Ten4 energy drink — especially when comparing to all the other energy drinks out there. This page also has complete info on all ingredients, nutrition, what is NOT in Ten4, and the many benefits you will experience immediately.

Order yours today

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